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Medical Checkup

Redesigning the Relationship in Healthcare

Empowering and educating individuals to be leaders in the fundamental redesign of their role and responsibilities as patients; to achieve better health outcomes and strengthen the relationship with their provider.

"I am more of a partner in my own care; managing my care and discussing plan of care or thoughts or diagnoses, whereas before I don't think I would have had the the wherewithal to speak up or participate." 


Doctor and Patient

The CORE Method

The CORE Method of patient education is: Simple. Clear. Empowering.

The results? Empowered patients who take responsibility of their health, who receive more individualized care, & are more satisfied healthcare consumers. 

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Successful Patients Know How To Maximize the Time of Their Medical Visits

The most successful health outcomes occur when there is a partnership between individuals and their healthcare providers. CORE Patients inform individuals how to make the most of that partnership by teaching, in the simplest form, the framework of a healthcare visit, how to prepare, when to speak up, and how to agree on a health care plan that works for them. Patients learn "insider knowledge" - what is it that Doctors are trying to work towards and how, as patients they can contribute to achieve the most accurate, individualized plan of care.

"It makes me feel more empowered as a patient, and also as an advocate. I've been doing a lot of caregiving with my parents and doctor visits with them. I was always intimidated by doctors and thought 'I don't want to say something, i'll sound stupid if I asked that question.'  I feel much more empowered to ask those questions. There is no stupid question when you're in the room, with your doctor. I feel like it makes me more conscious that I have to take responsibility and come prepared to tell my whole story and to not withhold anything. It's made me realize if we give them all that information and, if you have a good provider who's really listening that helps them to take care of you better. I think I've become better about that, not only for my own personal but also in taking care of my family."

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