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Mission: Empower patients to be active partners in their care.

Goal: Planning & Participating

To improve patient participating and adherence.

Goal: Partnership & Satisfaction

To enhance the partnership between the patient and the provider. Increase patient & provider satisfaction.

Goal: Safety

To improve accuracy of diagnosis, treatment & individualized plans of care.

CORE Patients is dedicated to empowering individuals to be informed, confident, active partners during their healthcare visits. This is done on the belief that there must be a fundamental redesign of the patient role - from that of a passive recipient of care to an active participant charged with defined responsibilities, equipped to dispatch them, and accountable for the results. 


The model of patient centered care, a model considered to be an essential aspiration of high-quality health care systems relies on a strong clinician-patient relationship built on trust and shared decision making. The patient is treated as an individual, an is an active member of their care. Yet, until now, the patient has never been told how to be the center of patient centered care. CORE Patients was developed to enhance the patient provider relationship. To receive the best individualized care we know that the patient needs to be informed, prepared, concise, and confident. The best care comes when partnerships are developed between the healthcare provider and the individual.  


We simplify understanding the process of the health care visit. What is the mental model of a clinician who walks in your room and only has 15 minutes? We'll tell you! We teach individuals how to centralize themselves in patient centered medicine, advocate for themselves in the healthcare setting, have the communication skills to make the most of their health care visit and be confident in having a say in their health plan. 


Gabby Ceccolini

Gabby Ceccolini has worked in medical education for 10 years teaching tomorrow's  medical practitioners the benefits of patient focused care. In this role she trains individuals how to be patients for the purpose of student learning and assessment. She see's the importance of both sides of a patient-physician relationship.

Transforming Patients

Studying the impact of individuals knowledge of the medical visit on their own patient care inspired her to bring that knowledge to the community. She wants to transform healthcare by transforming the patient.

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