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Doctor and Patient

Patient Communication
Helpful ways to start & engage in conversation

Introduction and My Patient Presentation

Clinician: "What brings you in today?"

Patient: "Here is what has been going on..."

Note - Sometimes Doctor's will start with direct questions, such as "I am sorry you are feeling sick, when did your fever start?" It is okay if that happens and by preparing your notes you can now answer those questions concisely.

Medical Puzzle Pieces

These may be things that your Doctor didn't ask about, but you think may be important for them to know. Sharing that information in a clear concise manner can only add to your individualized care.

Patient: "I am not sure if it is relevant, but I wanted to share that..." 

Patient Perspective

Clinician: "What do you think is going on?"

Patient: "I think..." "I am worried that..." "I had a friend..." "I googled..." "I am not sure if it related..."

      OR, if your Doctor doesn't ask

"Can I share with you what I think may be going on?"

Shared Decision Making

Clinician: "Here is what I think is going on.... and here is what we should do..."

Patient: "Ok, I like that plan, so to confirm I am going to [repeat what they said]


"I don't think that will work for me, is there another option?" "I am confused...." "I am worried about..." "Can you please clarify...." 

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