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Patient Engagement CORE Method (PECM)

Doctor Office

Providing a framework to conceptualize patient responsibilities, and designing those responsibilities in such a way that derives the best health outcomes.

In the complexities of healthcare the CORE Method focuses on the most organic aspect of care, the time a patient sits face to face with their healthcare provider; an area of healthcare all patients are entitled to not only feeling, but knowing ow to confidently engaging in. It is true that rather than having patients as passive recipients of care, they must be active producers of their care, in partnership and coordination with physicians and clinical staff. 
Patients with CORE knowledge
  • Are more likely to:

    • Plan for their next visit

    • Present a clear, organized timeline of their main concern

    • Ask questions to ensure understanding

  • Have more confidence to advocate for themselves

  • Feel that the it a shared dialogue with their clinician

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